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Our Team


Kyle Wallitner


Kyle Wallitner, co founder and managing member of Greenlight Investment Group, is a GP on over 10mm in commercial real estate. Over the last few years Kyle has demonstrated a strong track record of profitable acquisitions and exits in the commercial residential real estate space. He lives in Issaquah, WA with his wife, two kids and dog Trigger.


Jeff Drasin


As co founder, Jeff Drasin has been crucial in the success of Greenlight's ability to effectively scale to over 200 units in 2 years. He has served in the Air Force and holds two Master's degrees, one in Psychology and another in Business Administration. He lives in Edgewood, WA with his wife and three kids.

Jolene 3.PNG

Jolene Desmond


Jolene G. Desmond is a Commercial Realtor, in Kansas & Missouri, Director of Commercial Real Estate Division, Century21 All-Pro and Founder of Desmond Capital Partners Accredited Commercial Advisor. She holds a Bachelor's Degree with majors in each of (i) Business Economics and (ii) Finance. She has managed a $6 Billion portfolio as a commercial mortgage backed securities large balance asset manager. She has experience in complex and highly structured transactions, and experience with all asset classes across the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. She has assisted clients with the purchase of more than $27mm in commercial real estate leasing and purchases.


Blake Fowler


Blake Fowler is the Owner & Operator of Fowler Property Management, where Blake focuses on lowering expenses and increasing rental income while maintaining high quality relationships with investors, vendors, and residents. He has built upon his experience in real estate leasing and sales, construction and general contracting, and property management to increase overall value of real estate investments.


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